Sound City 120R PA

My latest project is this Sound City PA 120R which had a solid state preamp and a tube power amp section. It was a good platform with it’s big transfromers and room for a lot of controls and functions on the big front panel. It has now become a four channel amp, all tube of course with a footswitchable gain boost (extra tube stage) for each channel and dual footswitchable master volumes. So it has eight footswitchable sounds which can all get a volume boost for solos. Other features are tube buffered effects loop and bias potentiometers and test point jacks for each of the six EL34’s on the back panel.

Here it is in original shape:DSC_0603DSC_0604DSC_0605DSC_0607DSC_0608

Here you can see the guts of the amp before I did my work in it:DSC_0609DSC_0610

I took out all parts except for the good old transformers and the tube sockets + impedance and voltage switches:DSC_0611DSC_0612

Making turret boards:DSC_0605 (2)DSC_0614

All cables attached to the turret boards:IMG_5981

Turret boards populated with components which makes it a totally different amp:DSC_0554DSC_0553DSC_0552DSC_0555

Preparing the amp to receive the turret boards:DSC_0553 (3)

And attaching all the cables where they are supose to be:IMG_6027IMG_6095

And here we have the finished result:DSC_0663aDSC_0698aDSC_0696aDSC_0659DSC_0694aDSC_0708DSC_0722DSC_0731aDSC_0733aDSC_0783DSC_0757aDSC_0769aControls for each of the four channels: gain, three way mid boost switch, bass, middle, treble and volume + a footswitchable gain boost.

Controls for the power amp: dual footswitchable master volumes, presence and punch both with a three way range switch to match the amp to different cabinets.


Simms-watts PA 100

It’s time for another Simms!

242 (1)I really like the big transformers in these amps.

6Here’s the guts from the original PA circuit.

4 (1)

6 (1)Out with the old and in with the new.

DSC_0485Making new turret boards.

DSC_0502bTurret boards filled with NOS Mustard Capacitors and Iskra resistors along with some new components.

2dfInstalling the new circuits in the amp.


Here’s the finished result:DSC_0535aDSC_0538aDSC_0561aDSC_0548aDSC_0580aDSC_0575aDSC_0594aDSC_0588a


dfdfd - Kopia

It has two channels with gain, volume, treble, middle, bass and a three way gain structure switch. Channel 2 also has a tightness control and a growl control. The controls for the power amp is master volume, presence, punch and deep.



Re-amping with In Mourning

Some pics and a clip from the re-amping session I did with In Mourning. I’m honored that they want to use my amps for their new album.12471443_1675908572649155_6987028480564561240_o


The amp is a totally rebuilt Laney PA 100 with four channels, the cab is a Malmberg with Celestion Greenbacks. Mics in front of the cab is a Golden Age R1 MK3 Active and a Shure SM57.

Check them out:

Selmer PA 100

My latest project is this Selmer PA 100! It will be a three channel amp with a footswitchable gain boost that kicks in an extra gain stage on each channel. It will have a tube buffered loop and a lot of voicing options and as always it will be built point to point using NOS mustard caps and Iskra resistors :)IMG_5407IMG_5408 IMG_5410 IMG_5412


IMG_5448 IMG_5466 Giving a new finish to the front panel.IMG_5478 Cleaning it from the old board and make room for new ones.

IMG_5471Renovating the old switches.

IMG_5467 IMG_5479 New turret boards are done.

IMG_5523Installing new potentiometers and switches.

IMG_5548 IMG_5549 The boards are ready to be installed!IMG_5616 IMG_5610Just need to remember where all the houndred cables are suposed to go :)


Here is the finished result:DSC_0527bDSC_0399aDSC_0452bDSC_0409aDSC_0449aDSC_0413bDSC_0514aDSC_0393c DSC_0518aDSC_0522a



Here are some clips:

First test of the amp using my Hagström Swede.

Showing some metal sounds. Guitar straight into the amp, nothing in the loop.

Overall demo of the amp using my Greco EGF-1000. I’m running a TC G-major 2 in the loop for some delays. The cab is a Malmberg 4×12 with Celestion Greenbacks




Marshall JCM 800 1959

IMG_5576I’ve installed a tube buffered loop and modified this Marshall JCM 800 1959. It’s a smaller mod since the main PCB is still there and the power amp is almost untouched, but the change in tone, gain, dynamic response and feeling is huge!

IMG_5556Before mod. You can see that someone has installed a master volume, and it has been modded with an extra preamp tube at some point before but is restored to stock.

IMG_5575After mod. Effects loop installed and the preamp is changed pretty much along with some minor changes in the power amp and the power supply. I’m using shielded cable for the signal to avoid hiss and noise.IMG_5574

I’m playing a Greco EGF 1000 with Seymour duncan JB + 59 straight into the amp and running a G major II in the loop for some delays. The cab is a Malmberg 4×12 with old Celestion Greenbacks.

Peavey VTM120

I got this Peavey VTM 120 on my bench. It failed during a concert and started to smoke. I opened it up and found burnt plastic thatwas caused by a shorting electrolytic cap. I changed the burnt resistor, the power tubes and all the electrolytic caps in the power supply and now it’s up and running again!

IMG_5424IMG_5388IMG_5389IMG_5390 IMG_5421

Ribbon mic shootout

Me and a good friend of mine were both looking for a good ribbon mic for guitar, so we decided to do a ribbon mic shootout. We lent a couple of mics and got started.

We recorded a backround track with drums and bass first. Then I recorded a guitar track that we re-amped through my amp and mic’d it with different ribbon mics at the exact same spot, about 15 cm (6″) from the grill cloth on my Malmberg cab. You can listen to the guitar track for each mic or in a mix with drums and bass.

DSC_1323I played through this amp which is my modded Laney PA 100, running a TC G-major in the loop and through my Malmberg cab with old Celestion Greenbacks.

DSC_1327Used this Greco EGF-1000 with Seymour Duncan JB and 59.

DSC_1328Here is the monster bass amplifier!

DSC_1330Recording drums and bass.


Arty-1 by Arthur FisherDSC_1338

Beyer M160DSC_1340

Coles 4038DSC_1345

Golden Age R1 MkIIDSC_1334

Golden Age R1 MkIII ActiveDSC_1335

Golden Age R1 Tube ActiveDSC_1336

Golden Age R2DSC_1333

Sontronics DeltaDSC_1337

Sontronics SigmaDSC_1339

Reference mic: Shure sm57DSC_1341

A big thanks to:

Erik Nerback who helpt with the recording and mix.

Johan Nordin who lent us Coles 4038 and Beyer M160.

Stefan Krooks at Stomp studios who lent us the Sontronics mics.

Golden Age Music who lent us all the Golden Age mics.

Gammalthea who lent us Arty-1.

Carlsbro CS60

Here is my latest project!IMG_4306 IMG_4308IMG_4310 It’s a Carlsbro CS60.

Here is what it looks like on the inside:IMG_4311 IMG_4313 IMG_4418IMG_4421


Now I have emptied the amp from the old circuit boards and made room for new circuits.IMG_4673IMG_4575This amp will be built on turret boards!


Here are the turret boards filled with new components. I’ve come up with some new ideas to get more growl out of the distortion and still make it insanely tight. IMG_4724

And here is the finished result:DSC_0645DSC_0617bDSC_0630bDSC_0642 DSC_0636bDSC_0659bDSC_0624bDSC_0649DSC_0654b

It’s a two channel amp with a tube buffered effects loop. Channel one is a crispy clean channel with shimmering highs, channel two is a super tight heavy distortion channel with a lot of growl and punch!


Here are some clips of the amp: