Selmer PA 100 No. 3

My third Selmer PA 100 rebuild!

Here it is in original shape:143

As I always do with these major PA rebuilds, I clean them completely from the old parts:56

Clean it from the old dirt:87

Point to point boards:9

Wiring around the power tube sockets:10

Cables for the boards:12

And components for the boards:13 14

And get the boards into the amp and try to remember where all cables where supposed to go:15 16

And here we have the finished result:1

1134 62597810

It’s a three channel amp with a tube buffered effects loop, dual switchable master volumes and a solo boost.

Control for each channel: gain, volume, treble, middle, bass. Channel two and three also has a tightness control. Channel two has a three way mid boost switch (low mid/normal/high mid) and channel three has a switchable solo boost that gives a push in the low end, a push in the mids at 600hz and flat out the highs.

Controls for the power amp: Dual master volumes, presence, punch and a three way range switch for the punch.

Here’s a clip of the amp:


Bonus clip of channel 2 and 3 before the amp was finished:

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