Marshall JCM800 2205

Max Landegren from Billion Dollar Babies came by with his other JCM800 and wanted me to rebuild the distortion channel in it. I’ve modded his other JCM800 before and he asked me to make this amp more suited for soloing with a fatter sound with more compression and gain.

IMG_8486IMG_8447Stock JCM800 2205, not my favorite Marshall but soon it will be sounding like I want it to do.

IMG_8475 I made this small turret board for the distortion channel.

IMG_8481The new turret board for the distortion channel is in place and some changes are made to the power amp and power supply.

IMG_8488The faceplate in the upper right corner that makes all the difference 🙂


Here’s Max trying out the amp for the first time after the modification:



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