Carlsbro CS60 No. 2

Time for another Carlsbro CS60 project! I really like these amps since they have excellent transformers with high B+ which gives them a lot of power for a 2x EL34 amp.

IMG_7339IMG_7340 IMG_7341 IMG_7344This is what it looks like before the big transformation.

IMG_7360Getting rid of the old boards, tube sockets, cables and jacks.

IMG_8198 Making a ruff idea how the new boards will be fitted inside the amp.

IMG_8235Turrets in place on the boards.

IMG_8410 The preamp cathode resistor board.

IMG_8413 The power supply board.

IMG_8415 Bias section board with separate bias potentiometer so unmatched tubes can be used and easily be set up to draw the same amount of current.

IMG_8440And the preamp board along with the other boards.

IMG_8263A lot of holes drilled and potentiometers, switches, jacks etc. are mounted on the panels.

IMG_8573Fitting the boards inside the amp.

IMG_8637  It’s a lot more wiring with these point to point amps compared to amps built with PCB.

IMG_8774Final tweaks to make all frequency filters sound just as I want.


And here we have the finished result:Untitled-1Untitled-2Untitled-3Untitled-4

Untitled-8Untitled-7Untitled-6Untitled-5Untitled-10 Untitled-9Untitled-16Untitled-11Untitled-12Untitled-15Untitled-14Untitled-13

It’s now a completely rebuilt amp with a new preamp, a new power amp, and a new power amp section. It’s a two-channel amp with a switchable gain boost for both channels, two switchable master volumes which all are switchable with both a regular footswitch and MIDI. This amp also has a Browner-switch for more compression and a tube buffered effects loop. The whole amp is soldered with lead-free Sn100C solder wire. Controls for each channel: gain, volume, treble, middle, bass and a three-way bright switch (dark-normal-bright).
Controls for the power amp: master volume 1, master volume 2, punch and presence.


The first test of the amp using my Greco EGF1000 Les Paul.


A full play through with my Hagström Swede.


A short video showing the dynamics on the distortion channel with the gain boost (extra tube stage) engaged, guitar straight into the amp. Just switches to the neck pickup (volume rolled back) to get the clean sound and using the bridge pickup (at full volume) to get this high gain sound.

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